UV Lamps



We have a comprehensive range of UV lamps for the use in:

  • The Printing Industry
  • Web and sheet fed offset printing
  • Screen printing
  • Label printing
  • Overprint varnishing
  • The Wood Finishing Industry for use in equipment for Hackemack, IST, Barberan, Giardina
  • CD Production
  • Drying of lacquer

We can also customize lamps to individual customer’s specifications on request.


High intensity UV radiation is used for the curing and drying of inks, varnishes plastics and adhesives due to the fast and complete polymerization it causes in the material. An appropriate spectral output with high radiation flux ensures an efficient drying process is achieved.

For the curing of inks and varnishes, medium pressure Mercury lamps in power range 0.1 kW to 25 kW and up to 2.5m long are now used.

In addition, lamps doped with Gallium, Iron or a mixture of the two, whose spectral outputs match the absorption spectra of the photoimitators, may be used. The better the match the better will be the efficiency of the drying process.

The guaranteed life of most of these UV lamps is 1500 hours.


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